Ethiopia is a country that offers natural beauty, cultural diversity and an incredibly rich history of glorious past as well as many Archeological and paleontological finds that few countries in the world can offer you in one.

Travel to Ethiopia and discover the walled Muslim city of Harar, the ancient city of Axum, The incredible work of Lalibela Rock hewn Churches and Tigrian Rock hewn Churches, the medieval castles of Gondar, Lake Tana Monasteries and as well as the Majestic blue Nile falls.

Discover the museum of multi cultural Ethnic group, the tribes of the south Omo valley and its surroundings. A wide and varied authentic culture is reflected on their bodies as an expression of beauty and as a demonstration of messages and signals expressed through scarification, paintings, Lip plate, ornamentation, and hairstyles as well as their buzzing markets.

The geological setting of Ethiopia contains some of the most dramatic scenery in Africa and in the world. With the rift valley crossing the length of the country a sprawling valley set between mountain ranges, is a great place for rock climbing, hiking and trekking in Ethiopia’s many majestic mountains, green hills and lush sub-tropical areas with many endemic wildlife and flora, rift valley lakes is paradise for bird watching, Eco friendly nature experience and Adventure holidays of Danakil Depression.

Let us know about your dreams and expectations, the time you intend to travel and your budget, we will then provide various options and supply you with an itinerary for an unforgettable visit to our