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If you are looking for a reliable, reputable, and experienced travel agent to Ethiopia, then look no further than Worldsun Ethiopia Tours!

Ethiopia boasts a rich history, culture and diverse landscape, making it an ideal location for a tour. As an experienced tour operator, Worldsun Ethiopia Tours can help you plan the perfect trip to Ethiopia. No matter your travel style, we offer custom-designed tours, group tours, and family-friendly tours that fits perfectly into your schedule.

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Whether you’re a solo traveler or part of a group, we can assist you with everything from selecting the perfect destinations to booking accommodations, arranging transportation, and recommending local guides and activities.

If you’re planning on visiting Ethiopia, Worldsun Ethiopia Tours will take you on a journey through Ethiopia’s hidden gems, exploring the historical route that takes you back in time to the ancient civilization, the stunning Simien Mountains National Park, the captivating Omo Valley, and the surreal Danakil Depression. We’ll show you why exploring Ethiopia’s hidden gems is essential and what you can expect on your trip.

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We offer a wide range of services to help you plan your trip to Ethiopia, including:


There are many reasons to choose Worldsun Ethiopia Tours for your next trip to Ethiopia. Here are just a few:


north Ethiopia tour
North Ethiopia Tours

7-days North Ethiopia tour Program

Are you looking for north Ethiopia tour? Some of the most popular destinations in North Ethiopia include Tigray churches (known for their unique construction, intricate carvings, and beautiful frescoes), Simien Mountains national park also called trekker’s paradise (offering breathtaking views

Tour Details
Dallol in the Afar Danakil depression.
Danakil Depression Tour Programs

Two days tour to the Danakil depression

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Join us on this 2-days tour to the Danakil depression, one of the most spectacular and extreme places on Earth. You will witness the amazing natural wonders of this region, such

Tour Details
No more popular tours to show!

Adventure TOURS

WE got you covered

Adventure Tours

Ethiopia is a place where you can witness some of the most amazing natural phenomena on earth. These adventurous tours will take you to some of the most scenic and breathtaking places in Ethiopia, such as the Danakil Depression, the Simien Mountains, the Bale Mountains, and the Rift Valley.

Historical & Cultural Tours

Ethiopia is a country that has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the origins of humankind. You will learn about the Ark of the Covenant, the rise and fall of various kingdoms, and the diverse and vibrant culture of Ethiopia.

Nature or Wildlife Tours

Ethiopia is a country that has a diverse and spectacular natural environment that ranges from high mountains to low deserts, from lush forests to arid plains, from lakes to rivers. You will enjoy the scenic views and the fresh air that Ethiopia offers.

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Berhane H
30 August 2023
I'm so amazed the service I had thank you so much I had incredible time with Negasi I want to say thank you for amazing tour I am traveling Mek'ele the first time to meet my birth father I am so happy the service I had keep it up the good work thanks!!
15 August 2020
Excellent 3-Day Danakil Tour The 3-day Danakil Depression tour with the guys at World Sun was probably the highlight of a 2 week trip through the north. Booking it ahead of my travel from the UK through correspondence with Negasi meant I was all set to go by the time I arrived in Mekele. *Full transparency* - I booked a 4-day tour initially but decided to cut it to 3 on the tour as apparently day 4 is largely the same as one of the previous days (depending on the group schedule). This was no problem and I was reimbursed for day 4 when I returned to Mekele. I could describe the details of the tour at length but, in short, the professionalism of the World Sun team as well as the organisation of the tour to Dallol, the Erta Ale volcano, salt flats etc. was pretty much flawless. These sites themselves are beyond impressive and the team allow lots of ops for photos and bring more than enough food, water and coffee.
Teresa N
14 April 2020
Great organisation World Sun Ethiopia Travel and Tours organised my tours to the Danakil Depression, Lalibela, Tigray, and a few other places, and the organisation was great. They were very serious and professional, and ensured to warn everyone about the importance of following safety instructions. A little issue in the South of the country regarding a hotel, which was not the one that was in the itinerary, was solved efficiently and quickly when I wrote the guys in the main office. I hope to be able to go back to Ethiopia one day. For sure, I will contact them again to organise my next visit.
Sharne B
14 March 2020
Three days Danakil Depression During my stay in Mekele, I did the 3 days, 2 nights Danakil Depression tour with World Sun Ethiopia Travel. In some regards, I was really very impressed but in others, pretty disappointed. Solomon was a swift and great communicator. I was picked up from the airport before and dropped at my guesthouse after the trip. We were 3 guests and a driver in our 4x4 Land Cruiser, we also drove in a five-car convoy. Our driver was friendly, professional, helpful and had a great sense of humor. The food was tasty, more than enough and a great variation of international and local cuisine. Bottled water was always available. Probably the main ’things’ bringing comfort during this trip. Don’t get me wrong, the trip was amazing, we covered so many things in such a short time but it comes at a cost. Long days of driving, roughing it on the sanitation side and sleeping under the stars in the elements can be uncomfortable at times. The salt lakes and Dallol was a beautiful and unique experience. Sadly a bit rushed but probably my highlight. On our arrival in this area, we were floating in this small salt lake and for our ’reward’ we each received an ice-cold beer. What a moment! The sunset was a mix of lovely colors, more cold beer and spontaneous dancing under the open skies until the stars came out. The colors of Dallol was interestingly unique and highly recommended. The drive to the volcano was very very long! We arrived just before sunset and had 20minutes of me-time to get organized for our sleepover on the rim of Erta Ale aka Smoky Mountain. It was a windy hike up there but the clear skies had the stars on loud. At this point, it's probably advisable to have a headlamp and consider bringing your own sleeping bag for this sleepover. The volcano itself was smelly, smokey, moaning, smaller than I expected and sadly we saw no lava lake. At this point the group went very quiet, I think we were all disappointed. It was a little frustrating to go through all the pain without a ’reward’. The beautiful lava lake photos are unfortunately old. At least the glowing cones inside the crater and smoke made for nice photos at night and the 2017 fresh lava fields were fascinating. Will I do it again? Probably yes. Thank you Gere for being a great guide and a lovely human! PS: the Smokey Mountain needs an ’empty-water-bottle’ clean up and sustainability plan. What if you can get a deposit back for the water-bottle with the lid?
Roca no Mundo
28 February 2020
Very professional and great service! I took part in a 3 days tour for Danakil Depression with World Sun and it was a great experience! Starting with staff and structure, they always offered all the best. Highlight for the food for all meals during the tour. Great quality and more than enough for everbody! It was defintly one of the best parts of my Ethiopian travel!
23 February 2020
Éthiopie Très bonne et sympathique équipe Nous avons vouage entre amis et avons vie 5 sites différents en prenant plusieurs vol intérieurs Tout s’est bien passé Dallole est le Best
Jolene S
22 February 2020
Danakil Depression and Erta Ale for great service at reasonable price The company arranged a 9 day tour for us, covering Danakil Depression, Erta Ale, Lalibela, Simien Mountains and Gondar. We liked the Danakil Depression and Erta Ale leg best where we felt we were most well taken care of. The rest of the journey were probably less as the service was outsourced. There was a slight miscommunication where we thought all food will be provided throughout the trip but turns out it was only provided during the Danakil Depression, Erta Ale and Simien Mountains tours. Best to clarify everything to avoid surprises. But overall, would recommend this tour company, especially for Danakil Depression and Erta Ale tour.
Gilbert S
21 February 2020
Trip to Dallol and Erta Ale with World sun tour company I was glad to join a trip to Dallol depression and Erta Ale courtesy of world sun tour company based in Mekelle city. Everything was well managed from the start to the last day of the trip. The owner was able to coordinate everything in time and his response was always done without any delay. The staff members were also amazing and friendly. I will definitely use them again if I was to go back to and do same trip in the near future.
Sara C
18 February 2020
Great experience! We booked two tours, to Danakil Depression one day and to Tigray churches other. It was a very nice experience. We recomend this company!
13 February 2020
Danakil depression There is an excellent program for 3 days: Erta Ale volcano, Lake Assale, bathing in the lake, Hamedela village, Dallol volcano, black oil lake, saline and salt mining. There was an excellent organization of safety when climbing to the Erta Ale crater. Guides checked that no one was behind. We had arrived at Dallol very early and therefore we could see it at normal temperature and without crowds of other tourists. We always got enough time for photographing. We had good cars and drivers, a lot of varied food, fruits, coffee. The guides speak English well and they told a lot of interesting things and danced national dances for us when we met the sunset on Lake Assale. We were at the Ert Ale crater on New Year's Eve, and only for our groups they launched fireworks, and we were treated to champagne and wine. They also picked up us at the airport, took to the hotel and at the end of the tour returned back to the airport, all for free. We really enjoyed! Great tour! Отличная программа на 3 дня: вулкан Эрта Але, озеро Ассале, купание в озере, поселок Hamedela, вулкан Даллол, черное нефтяное озеро, солончак и добыча соли. Отличная организация безопасности при подъеме к кратеру, гиды проверяли чтобы никто не отстал. На Даллол выехали очень рано и поэтому успели посмотреть его при нормальной температуре и без толп других туристов. Везде было достаточно времени на фото. Хорошие машины и водители, разнообразная еда в больших количествах, фрукты, кофе. Гиды хорошо говорят на английском, рассказывали много интересного и танцевали национальные танцы, когда мы встречали закат на озере Ассале . Были на у кратера Эрта Але в Новогоднюю ночь, и только для наших групп запускали фейерверк, и угощали шампанским и вином. Нас встретили в аэропорту, отвезли в отель и по окончанию тура отвезли в аэропорт без доплат. Только положительные впечатления, даже не думала что можно делать настолько качественные туры в подобные места.

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