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north Ethiopia tour
Worldsun Ethiopia Tours clients at the top of Ras Dashen Mountain.

Are you looking for north Ethiopia tour? Some of the most popular destinations in North Ethiopia include Tigray churches (known for their unique construction, intricate carvings, and beautiful frescoes), Simien Mountains national park also called trekker’s paradise (offering breathtaking views of the mountains and wildlife), and one of the most spectacular and extreme places on Earth the Danakil depression.

The Natural Wonders of Ethiopia are truly breathtaking. From the famous Tigray rock-hewn churches to the Simien Mountains National Park and the Danakil Depression, there are so many natural wonders to explore.

Ethiopia’s Danakil depression

Danakil depression is one of the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth, but it is also one of the most visually stunning. The vast desert basin is known for its bubbling lava lakes, salt flats, and geothermal fields, and is in general home to some of the most otherworldly landscapes on the planet.

For trekking enthusiast experiencing Danakil depression offers an otherworldly experience that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. The alien-like landscapes, in shades of pink, orange and green, are the result of volcanic eruptions and geothermal activity. A trip to this place is an absolute must for any adventurer seeking a unique experience.

Tigray churches

Next on our list of North Ethiopia tour is Tigray churches, a true wonder of the world. Tigray rock-hewn churches unique construction, intricate carvings, and beautiful frescoes make them a must-see destination for anyone visiting Ethiopia. The churches are not only a testament to the skill and ingenuity of the people who built them but also offer a glimpse into Ethiopia’s rich cultural and religious history.

Besides, their unique architecture will make you feel like you’re on a mission straight out of Indiana Jones. Plus, you’ll feel a little like a secret agent entering into a covert location. Visiting the Tigray churches is an unforgettable experience. The Tigray churches are a must-see for anyone interested in history, architecture, and religion.

Simien Mountains

The last on the list goes to Simien Mountains. Trekking through the Simien Mountains National Park will leave you feeling on top of the world. The awe-inspiring views of the rugged mountain ranges and the opportunity to see unique wildlife such as the iconic Gelada baboon make this an unforgettable experience. You may even have the chance to spot a rare Ethiopian wolf.

Moreover, the Natural Wonders of Ethiopia are not to be missed. We can help you explore these marvels and create unforgettable memories. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, head to Ethiopia, and get ready to discover the beauty of nature in all its glory.

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Day 01: Mekelle – Erta Ale (Volcano)

On day one of the package, we set off early in the morning on 4WD to the abandon Danakil depression departing from Mekelle – Erta Ale volcano. The 247 km distance takes 5 hours on drive passing through different landscapes of solidified lava rocks and sand dune. Passing several small hamlets scattered here and there in this deserted land, you will arrive at Erta Ale camping site. Then, at dusk start hiking to the top of Erta Ale volcano where we spend few hours watching the flowing-lava gifs or actions of the boiling lava.

Erta Ale contains one of the world’s active lava Lake with 613 meters above sea level. Besides, it is notable for being the longest existing lava lake present since the early years of the Twentieth century. Then after, you will descend back to basic camp to have a dinner and spend the night under stars or in shack. Overnight camping.

Day 02: Erta Ale – Hamad Ela

On this day in the early morning, return back the top of the crater to visit the volcanic activities for the second time during sun rise. After that, descend once again from the top of the crater starting 7:00 am down to camp site for breakfast. Subsequently, after breakfast start driving to Hamad Ela for about 5 hours and have your picnic lunch on the way under shed of palm tree.

Then after, start visiting Hamad Ela village known for its total population of about 500 people to see the life style of the local Afar people. Finally, proceed to Salt Lake Asale a huge salty lake where you will swim in a natural pool Salt Lake. Meanwhile, have a wine/beer while enjoying sunset reflections of the salty ground. Overnight camping in Hamed Ale.

Day 03: Hamad Ela – Dallol – Mekelle

Waking up early morning, set off to dallol which is known for its various acidic colors with fumaroles, small spitting acid springs, and lakes. At the same time, dallol is also considered the hottest place on earth. Due to its incredible colors, you feel like you are in Mars.

Visiting different terrestrial places formed by volcanic activity like salt mountain and the bubbling oily lake creates a different experience of your trip. Finally, drive back to Hamad Ela for lunch and proceed to Mekelle for overnight. Overnight Mekelle (Hotel)

Day 04: Mekelle – Gheralta – Axum

Morning drive Mekelle to Gheralta and trek to Abune Yemata. Abune Yemata is 4 kms drive from Megab and a further 30 minutes’ walk will bring you to the foot of the perpendicular rock mountains of Guh. The scenery is breath-taking and the mountains resemble pillars reaching to the sky. The challenging and the only way to the church is footholds and handgrips in the rock face. Just before the entrance to the church there is a narrow ledge carved in the cliff from which one can view a sheer drop of approximately 250m to 300m.

Priest on Abune Yemata Guh entry.
Abune Yemata Guh of Tigray rock-hewn churches.

In the afternoon we will visit Mariam Korkoer and Daniel Koror churches and proceed to Axum for overnight. Mariam Korkor is located in a cave and is known for its intricate carvings and beautiful paintings. It’s also one of the most accessible rock-hewn churches in Tigray, making it a popular destination for visitors. Overnight in Axum (Hotel).

Day 05: Axum – Gonder (flight)

We will pick you up from the airport then we will drive from Gondar to Sankaber about 136km away. We will go via the park head office in Debark to register and pick up trek staff such as scout, guide and cook, if required. After trekking for about 3 or 4 hours, we return to the Sankabar base camp. Overnight open-air camping.

Day 06: Snakaber – Geech.

After breakfast, we start hiking from Sankaber to Geech which takes about 5 to 6 hours passing through ever more spectacular scenery and varying flowers and trees. There the possibility to see a klipspringer and minlik bushbuk as well as a leopard. The entertaining gelada baboons are always around. Along the way we pass the 500m high Jinbar waterfall and stop for lunch on the banks of the Jinbar river.  We pass through Geech village where we can have coffee with a local family in their traditional tukul hut which they share with their animals.  This is a great way to glimpse the day-to-day life of the mountain people.  Overnight at Geech camping.

Day 07: Geech – Gonder – Addis Ababa

We will wake up early morning and start our hike to Ambaras for about 5 to 6 hours. On the way we visit Imet Gogo, the most spectacular spot in the whole of the Simien mountains. Imet Gogo, at 3926m above sea level has 3600 views of canyons, cliffs and valleys that look as if they go on forever.  In the afternoon, we will drive back to Gondar. Late afternoon fly to Addis. End of the tour!

Our Three days Danakil depression Itinerary

Our Two days Danakil depression Itinerary

What to pack for you North Ethiopia tour 

– Light, breathable, and comfortable clothing that covers your arms and legs

– Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and scarf or bandana

– Warm jacket or sweater for the nights

– Sturdy, closed-toe shoes or boots, sandals or flip-flops

– Sleeping bag and pillow, headlamp or flashlight

– Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towel, etc.)

– Wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and plastic bags

– Medication (painkillers, anti-diarrhea pills, antihistamines, etc.)

– First aid kit (bandages, antiseptic cream, etc.)

– Cash in Ethiopian birr (ETB)

– Camera and enough memory cards and batteries

– Waterproof case or bag for your camera

– Other items that can make your trip more enjoyable

How to Book your North Ethiopia Tour

If you are interested in this tour, please send us your enquiry on Contact Us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and confirm your booking to explore this amazing adventure.